Playful Victorian Barn

The historic Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village, in New Gloucester, Maine is the last village in the United States with living Shakers. The United Society of Shakers hired Red Dot Studio to renovate the site, land of more than 20 buildings, but also many animals, forests, and gardens.
Red Dot Studio led the Master Plan process to define the renovation goals for the next 10 years.

Waterfall Cabin

Together with the Shakers, easement stakeholders, and other qualified consultants, Red Dot Studio defined its scope to ensure that Shaker Village, its mission, and its programs remain true, responsive, and relevant for future generations. The goal is to increase sustainability, preservation, and meaningful relationships with the people of Maine and beyond. This plan includes analyses, recommendations, and proposals for the Village’s populations, economy, housing, transportation, community facilities, renewable energy, and land use.


The team is currently working on the renovation of the Herb House. It is the fourth oldest structure at Shaker Village and the only remaining example of its kind in the US. It stands as a monument from the 19th century when the Shakers pioneered and led the commercial distribution of medicinal herbs in the United States. Sadly, the building is also the most derelict and dilapidated among Shaker Village’s structures. This project will be Shaker Village’s largest and most extensive historic rehabilitation project to date and the construction is scheduled to start in the Summer of 2022.


Design Lead

Projects in development with Red Dot Studio. Hand sketches by Henry Gao for Red Dot Studio.