The Social House

This former grocery store transformed into an ice cream social and dance club for teenagers and then artist studio is a discreet house on a busy street but with a rare and strong identity. New home to a family of four, including a chef and a teacher, this gem will become a social place, centered on the shared kitchen and living spaces, with colorful details linking the precious history of the house and its modern sustainable additions.

Ocean Beach

Facing the ocean, this typical sunset house in San Francisco is home to a young couple, passionate about art and surf. With views of the waves on one side, and of Twin Peaks on the other side, the house also has a beautiful backyard, and the three stories are oriented towards an indoor-outdoor way of life. The warm and evolving finishes will tell stories of an artful happy life.

The brick house

One of the few brick houses in San Francisco, surrounded by views of Glen Park and the luxuriant garden, and it is home to a young family. Being remodeled to accommodate an additional bedroom suite and to bring connections and transitions into the different spaces, the house will reflect the eclectic harmony and the organic spontaneousness of the owners’ aesthetic.


Design Lead and Project Manager

Projects in development with Red Dot Studio. Hand sketches by Henry Gao for Red Dot Studio.