International Architecture Exhibition


Red Dot Studio was invited by the GAA Foundation to participate to their “Time Space Existence” exhibition during the architectural Venice Biennale, in Italy. The exhibition was open to the public from May to November 2018. Deeply interested in all aspects of sustainable development and natural resources protection and equally fascinated by the maritime world, we focused on initiatives that take place mainly in California to protect and highlight the ocean.


“Permanent Remnant: Impermanent Remnants” is organized around the idea that the ocean connects all sorts of things, such as time present and time stopped, and that it carries now many human-made vestiges. This installation aimed to highlight that nature, strategy and science can lead to resilience. We collaborated with different experts in order to have their insight on a wide variety of subjects.


Focusing on the good, as Northern California recently improved her Ocean Impact Score, we created a reflecting pool that illuminates a future where the cacophony of interactions can create an ocean of abundance for all time through the exploration of art, marine biology, material ecology, permaculture and carbon farming, land use development, socio-economics, politics, and philosophy.


Design Lead

Project developed with Red Dot Studio, in collaboration with Jean Marie Ghislain, Ben Halpern, Thomas Heinser, Hughen/Starkweather, Elizabeth Murdock, at NRDC, Annelie Pompe & Hanli Prinsloo, Salt Point Seaweed, and Alan Watts, with the support of BKG Engineering, Jeff King and company, MTDEVco, NOAA, Paige Glass co and Audrey Yang.