Brand Service Design


Normall is a French company specialized in stores accessibility and norms. Their request was to imagine a sustainable solution that they could sell to their partner brands, to allow them an easy organization of their stores, respecting the norms but also guaranteeing a high welcome quality. The expected selling furniture system was not corresponding to our values, as we believe each designed space and brand deserves a specific attention and identity.


Normabox is the creation of a new business to offer a sustainable and long-lasting service, global and gratifying. It is a full service that Normall can sell to its clients to accompany them in the management of their physical store in the long term. The service, based on a subscription, gathers the improved existing services from Normall while also offering the access to a full data library, a sustainable evolutive label system, and a research area with an experimentation lab.


This experimentation lab was conceived to test spatial solutions and their consequences on the buyers’ behaviors. On top of that, Normabox presents a system that encourages shop owners to test and apply that into their own stores. After animating a creative workshop to build a scenario, we tested the first experimentation lab with researchers and data visualization experts.


Service Design Lead

Project in partnership with Normall, developed with Clémence Rabin, Malachi Cook and L’École de design Nantes Atlantique.