First home for a young couple and filled with items from each coming together to create a new family home, Dolores St is a typical 3-story house in San Francisco. Recently bought by an art-passionate couple, they wanted their home to reflect their colorful and lively personalities. The property also has a luxuriant garden and the team’s goal was to bring some of the garden spirit into the house.


After some research on possible different layouts and study on the structural impacts, the team decided to keep the most of the existing room layout, add a bathroom dormer on the 3rd story, improve the stairs landing, and focus on discrete but impactful structural changes. An accent was made on the materials and the light. New skylights were added to wisely fill the space with natural light and highlight the vibrant materials and art.


Custom cabinets and finishes were designed by Red Dot Studio to complete the house identity and bring harmony into the different rooms. In 2020, the owners left the city with their new family and the house was sold by Sotheby’s who described it as an “exquisite Noe Valley residence” and “an artful living experience rich in colors and textures“. It is a quirky, personal, art filled space where the new life together brought a new baby into the world. This was a happy space.


Design Lead & Project Manager

Project developed with Red Dot Studio. Photographies by OpenHomesPhotography for Sotheby’s.