Venture Firm Headquarter


Combine, a newly born design and venture company, collaborated Red Dot Studio to design their workspace. The clients wanted the space to form a warm and welcoming creative hub to host their team and a coworking space.


In this former autobody shop in the center of San Francisco, it was important to think about the modularity of the space, for the different users and uses on a large timeframe. It was also important to set key zones, like the kitchen and the large entrance.


We imagined the identity and the organization of the whole space. The kitchen creates a space that mixes the office needs, the charm of a café and the desire to host parties. Modular furniture was also designed to give an identity to the space and allow flexible space and uses.


Spatial Design Lead

Project featured on California Home + Design and Roof Magazine

Project developed with Red Dot Studio, in collaboration with Storey Design. Rope artwork custom-made by Windy Chien. Furniture and modular frames designed with and fabricated by Four Quarter, ArcSon Design, and Nicholson Design & Fabrication. Sketches by Henry Gao, at Red Dot Studio. Photographies by Helynn Ospina for Storey Design.